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Alkemica medium bracelet

Alkemica medium bracelet


These bracelets are made for those who love to wear their jewelry 24/7!

Maximum circumference: 23 cm. with the possibility of cutting them to a size less than the maximum circumference.

Thickness: 2 mm. .

Alkemica bracelets, being entirely made of steel, do not oxidize or rust, so you can wear them to work or to play, in the shower, by the pool or by the sea.

They can be worn easily during the day or for an evening, from the beach to the most elegant dress.

It is an industrial stainless steel micro-spring, it stretches to a certain extent, but will lose shape if pulled hard.

Please use kindness while putting on and taking off the bracelet.

You have to wear them by rolling up a few at a time.

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